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About us

As a consumer psychologist and after working for almost 7 years, in customer support departments of BPOs and startups, I have learned that every customer is different but surprisingly, the style of handling them is the same, all over.

How we work

We have four different levels of consultation; you may choose which suits your business the most. These levels are specifically designed keeping in mind, different milestones a start-up reaches.

  • Level 1

    Basic B2C etiquette guidance and functioning for the leaders.
    Planning customer service department functioning.

  • Level 2

    Basic customer calls & email handling procedure.
    Helping leaders on- How to hire for B2C.

  • Level 3

    Advance customer service calls & emails procedures.
    How to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one.

  • Level 4

    Level 2 + 3
    Advance Chat support guidance.

Why us

“You’ll never have a price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service can’t be copied.”- Jerry Fritz

At Kustomer Kalling, we understand setting up a business is not as smooth as moonwalking. Now, since there is a lot on your plate we are here for you, to help your company do a better job of retaining customers, by simply guiding you and setting up a service team that will make your customers happy.

Our Latest Blogs

Read the latest blogs on customer servicing and get all the answers to your what, when, and how. Here, you’ll find blogs on new trends of customer support; the dos and the don’ts; different types of customers and how to handle them and much more.

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