About us

Kustomer Kalling

Customer Service Consultancy for Startups

As a consumer psychologist and after working for almost 7 years, in customer support departments of BPOs and startups, I have learned that every customer is different but surprisingly, the style of handling them is the same, all over. Of course, there are a few adjustments to be made now and then but it’s not as difficult as it looks.

After reading and a lot of research, I am here to help startups, to set up a B2C department and in case they already have one, can guide them with some advanced level customer service etiquettes.

At Kustomer Kalling I have four different levels of programs for my clients to choose from and the best part is once they have decided at what level they are at, the content is prepared exclusively for them after going through their business profile and researching their customers, which will help them with giving out of the world experience to their customers. With these programs, companies can learn how to handle customers on calls, emails, and chat. They will also see an improvement in the overall ratings and customer retention. The owners/leaders can also, seek professional guidance on “HOW TO HIRE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.’’ Kustomer Kalling will be your guide, your chauffeur, and your punching bag, on this journey.

My focus is to enhance your customers’ experience and to spread positive word of mouth. I wish to help startup owners by taking some burden off as I understand that there’s a lot for them to handle. Lastly, to make organizations more customer-oriented.