How we work

We are consultants, that provide companies, organizations, and associations with various customer service training programs that have been specifically designed to meet their individual needs and that target how to become a good, helpful and customer-appreciative employee. We have four different levels of consultation; you may choose which suits your business the most. These levels are designed keeping in mind, the different milestones a start-up reaches.  

Level 1

  • Basic B2C etiquette guidance and functioning for the leaders.
  • Planning customer service department functioning.
  • Presentation on available CRM tools and which would suit the business the most.

Level 2

  • Basic customer calls & email handling procedure.
  • Helping leaders on- How to hire for B2C.
  • Studying the business’ ratings & how to improve them.
  • Handouts on telephone etiquettes, for future use.

Level 3

  • Advance customer service calls & emails procedures. How to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one.
  • Working with the leaders to study negative ratings and planning different strategies to improve customer experience.
  • Handouts for helping new team members in the future, to understand ”your” customer servicing.

Level 4

  • Level 2 + 3
  • Advance Chat support guidance.
  • Up to 5 mock sessions to help the team gain full confidence to handle customers via every mode.

All handouts and content are prepared after studying every business and their clients specifically, as we at Kustomer Kalling understand, every business is different with one goal- to be the best With our services :-

  • Enhance the customer experiences.
  • Build stronger internal relationships.
  • Stand out positively on the phone and emails.
  • Train new staff members with basic customer servicing.
  • Spread the positive word of mouth through happy customers.
  • Hire the right team for the right job.
  • Grow your business.

Proper customer service is essential to ensure all your clients/consumers receive the level of attention they are expecting and going the extra mile will only help your business