Improving Online Customer Servicing

Customer satisfaction has never been an easy task, and now with everything gone virtual, even schools the work has intensified. It’s all about taking care of your customers, and your ability to continue to adapt to the ever-changing landscape will affect how your customers experience your brand and the support you provide. Businesses that in the past never felt the need to go online are left with no option but to be a part of the virtual world. Now, 65% of customers want to buy from companies that offer quick and easy online transactions. The digital experience is especially important considering that e-commerce sales jumped up to 30% in 2020 and this trend has been the same since then.

Here are a few tips to improve, how you interact with customers online;

  • Be Well Informed

It is super important for you and your team when interacting with customers to be fully prepared for any question, related to the business, its policies, and how much to be shared. No customer would like to do business with someone who is not aware of where and how it’s made, or any other details of the product they are selling. So, remember to be ready, ALWAYS!

  • Prioritize Customer Service Etiquette

Having good communication skills and customer service etiquette helps to deliver effective support with a human touch. It is key to creating positive first impressions and can give you the edge over your competition. Although your team has the skill set necessary to interact with customers, they also need to relate to the customer. This step helps your team members to understand conflict and humanizes the rep-staff relationship for the customer.

  • Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is one of the best ways to gauge customer satisfaction. You need to develop the habit of asking for feedback. While it might not always be positive, it is always helpful. 

  • Following Up

It is essential that customers feel as though you were on their side when a problem occurred, so follow up to ensure the issue was fully resolved and that the customer is satisfied with the service. After a customer service interaction, keep the customer engaged by reaching out several days later with a discount, deal, or promotional code to reward them for reaching out.

Online customer service is competitive and requires continuous attention. If a customer cannot find what they are looking for or experience poor online service or technical difficulties it is easy for them to abandon a purchase or choose another supplier with one click.  While brand equity and familiarity often play a role, it often comes down to how quickly you’ll get the product, what support it comes with, and how comfortable you are with the brand. Hence, customer service plays a significant role in most purchases you make. 

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