The tone of Voice in Customer Service

In customer servicing, especially if it’s done virtually the tone is extremely important, even if the set of words is correct the tone if not right will do harm which may be beyond fixing. Customer interactions are one of the biggest denominators in determining the quality and effectiveness of engagement. How a customer feels after speaking to one of your representatives vastly influences their decision to start or continue supporting your business. 

Here are some tips to master the right types of tone while serving a customer;

  • A friendly tone

Think of the last good customer experience you had when you spoke with a company. Were they willing to help you and most importantly were they sounding to do so? How did they greet you and how they were at the end of the conversation? These points help in making or breaking a relationship between a customer and the business. Keeping a friendly tone (yet not casual) is a good start to serving a customer. It’s very reassuring to be greeted by a friendly voice. It lets customers know that the person on the other end of the phone is ready and willing to answer their questions, address their concerns, or assist with their issues in a non-judgmental and helpful way.

  • Avoid defensive tone

Maintaining a calm and reserved tone of voice throughout even the most negative customer interactions can help deescalate the situation. A third of customers will leave a brand that they love after just a single bad experience, and 92% would abandon a brand after two or three negative interactions. Sounding angry or frustrated will only make matters much worse. Always remember that a customer probably won’t remember the words you’d spoken but surely will remember how you sounded.

  • Confidence is the key

A lot of times you’ll come across a   customer who knows your product more than you or has questions that nobody prepared for. So now, what? You may choose to keep quiet or fumble while answering because you were caught off guard or take a deep breath (on mute, of course), gather all your thoughts bring that confident tone (NOT RUDE), and continue with the conversation. Confidence is the master key to controlling almost every situation, a lot of times your customer might take a step back because you were confident with your answer and he’ll know he doesn’t have an upper hand. Of course, keep in mind a confident tone is not about being rude or sounding that way, it’s about being sure of the situation and using that surety, positively.

  • Adaptive tone

The ability to adapt your tone as per your customers’ will help in all means. Now, this does not mean that, if a customer is irate and shouting or talking aggressively you too should do the same. In this situation, speaking in a low and understanding voice will reassure customers that you sympathize with their situation and are going to do everything in your power to help them.

The business world is very competitive, and providing excellent customer service can’t be stressed enough. The tone of voice plays a crucial role and can demonstrate your empathy, expertise, or any attribute you would like to project to your customers, and that will set you apart from the competition. In customer service, tone of voice is a critical factor in determining a positive or a negative experience in businesses – an unsatisfied customer or a long-term opportunity.

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